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Best Thread Titles of 2008

Posted 01-17-2009 at 12:38 AM by Crumb

Here are the Monthly Best Thread Titles of 2008...

Best Thread Titles* December 2008 - While Stormlight is busy overthrowing his government with catapult and a sharp stick by Deadlokd
* November 2008 - Living Alone: Need suggestions (other than masturbation) by SharonDee
* October 2008 - Vista, how I hate you. Stabby, stabby, die, die, die. by Zehava
* September 2008 - Mmm... Urinal Cakes... by livius drusus
* August 2008 - I rode the S.L.U.T. today by Plant Woman
* July 2008 - It's funny now..until he makes a skin suit out of me. by biochemgirl
* June 2008 - A man and a special elephant (not porn) by GodPossessed
* May 2008 - Robot mokeys are coming to sling poo at you! by Watser?
* April 2008 - Wank like your life depends on it... by California Tanker
* March 2008 - (Whereupon there is screaming.) by Stephen Maturin
* February 2008 - It's a vagina, madam, not a clown car by D. Scarlatti
* January 2008 - Get your hand out of my ass! by Sock Puppet

Here are the monthly runners-up which also were included in the 2008 poll for best of the year...

Second Best Thread Titles* December 2008 - Lees Had Depraved, Joyless Sex with a Thread Title by livius drusus
* November 2008 - Free market coke orgy and disco party by ChuckF
* October 2008 - I need to score some good grass, man. by Sock Puppet & You're Thor? I'm tho thor I can hardly pith. by wei yau
* September 2008 - Nerds! To me! by Deadlokd
* August 2008 - My boobs are impervious to your bullets, muahaha! by Watser? & Mom and Applie Pie Loving New York Yankees or Fascist Scumbag Hitler-Lovers? by Uthgar the Brazen
* July 2008 - Important Stapler Awareness Bulletin by Sock Puppet
* June 2008 - Crackers for Obama by viscousmemories & Official girly gang thanking mob social group by ChuckF & Legs makes you gay! by Shelli
* May 2008 - Do not nominate this thread title! by Uthgar the Brazen
* April 2008 - Cuddly, Snuggly Cutie-Pie of DEATH! by Uthgar the Brazen & Thanks slut. by curses & Help me, FF. You're my only hope. by wei yau & A Brawny Paper Towel: Exclusive Unboxing Photos Inside! by lisarea & FF won't let me ogle the n00bies by Uthgar the Brazen
* March 2008 - I Strangled a Priest Last Night by livius drusus
* February 2008 - I Was Tortured By the Pygmy Love Queen! by Stormlight
* January 2008 - Bukakked with stupid by D. Scarlatti & My poast is broak by ChuckF

The runner-up Best Thread Title of 2008 is...

The Best Thread Title of 2008 is...

Congratulations to our winners and really everyone who was nominated. :yup: You all help to make :ff: a better place to hang out. :fflove: Thanks to all nominators and voters. :thankee:
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