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Posted 10-15-2007 at 01:40 PM by slimshady2357

I love getting them, I hate waiting for them. What I hate the most about waiting for them is the eon long time slots you often get. At least this time we were told it could either be delivered between 8am to 12pm or 12pm to 5pm. So we choose the morning slot. Really, this isnít so bad, a 4 hour time slot isnít totally unreasonable. Or maybe it is and Iím just thankful itís not the 8am to 8pm range you get with some deliveries.

The whole delivery schedule is automated, canít they give you a better idea when itís coming? If you choose a delivery day a week in advance, canít they call you a day or two before the delivery and let you know approximately when it will arrive? Surely by then they know what will be on the truck and could have planned a delivery route by then? Iím not asking to know the minute it will arrive, I know what traffic can be like. But you would think they could do better than a twelve hour period.

Iíd really like to be able to pay them in the same way. I call up and negotiate the price and agree to buy. Then when they ask me for a credit card number I tell them this:

ďI can arrange to give you my credit card number either Thursday next week or the following Monday, Iím afraid those are the only two days availableÖ. Thursday? Ok, I can either call you between 8am and 12pm or between 12pm and 5pm. Would you like the morning call or the afternoon call? Afternoon? Ok, Iíll pay between 12pm and 5pm on Thursday then. So if you could arrange for someone to take the whole afternoon off work and make sure they are there for my call, that would be great. If no one answers or the line is busy then Iím afraid weíll have to arrange for another day for me to pay. Youíll have to call me and you wonít have much of an idea where to reach me, nor have any idea when I will be able to pay you.Ē
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