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TV Free Summer

Posted 07-02-2008 at 04:51 AM by Gyre

So I have recently begun my second annual TV Free Summer, which means i not only don't watch TV but i had the means to watch tv (in this case my antenna) removed from my house. Last year it was the whole TV but this year since it's a new TV and it's wedged into my armoir i had to remove the antenna.

Which also means i don't have cable or a dish as i refuse to pay for sitting on my sofa.

This does not include DVD's which is the crutch.
The library has an endless supply of DVD's that are not much better than TV but I can pause and fast forward. So instead of endless summer crapola I am watching movies of the 90's. At least this way i won't end up watching "the master of disguise" again. I have already seen it 3 times on TV, why won't they get something else.....

Of course not all the bad movies are from the 90's
a recent loan was A Knights Tale, with Heath Ledger. Seemed like a good idea
Turns out, it is it's own category of bad, not quite dragon wars, but not exactly Time Cop.

So Since the first TV free day about 2 weeks ago
I have watched
Week 1
The Lost Weekend
Days of Wine & Roses
and some other movie about alcoholics I cannot recall

Week 2
Six Feet Under the complete 4th season
Attention Shoppers
Legend of Drunken Master (JACKIE CHANNNNN)
12 Angry Men
A Knights Tale ( i only watched about 20 mins)
Lost in Space (oy vey, it's in the Time Cop category)
and The Best of the Original Avengers Volume 1 (ca 1962)

I go to the library tomorrow to check out some more
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    What was so wrong with A knight's Tale? :shrug:
    Posted 07-02-2008 at 11:42 PM by Crumb Crumb is offline

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