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Originally Posted by LadyShea View Post
I mean, do I need to define "move about in society" in a way that excludes doing so while aflame, or while holding ones guts in from a knife attack, or having an open head wound?
Okay, imagine that someone has Some Condition which prevents them from moving about in society.

How do I know whether that is privilege/other, or an "obvious" exception?

Like I said, I'm pretty sure that "on fire" doesn't count, but I don't have a rule I can articulate for why. And I've seen people in sincere disagreement about whether some specific other traits count. I've had people say that physical inabilities don't count, because that's not a result of societal rules, and I've had other people say that they do.

So I am pretty sure there's a rule here, but I don't know what that rule is, or whether it's even a consistent rule between people. My current guess is that there is a fairly good general heuristic, but that people have slightly different edges on it. Since my way of understanding rules is to try to poke at edge cases to find out where the line goes, I and I get inconsistent answers, I get stuck.
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