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That makes sense.

I think what's probably biting me is that I don't have the Common Sense filter. I can't reliably tell when people will think something is reasonable or obvious or whatever.
Does it matter what "people" think on this issue? Why is it biting you?
In general (not limited to this case): People frequently offer definitions for things or words, but then react angrily and accuse me of being flippant or silly when I offer examples of things which match those definitions, but which apparently Don't Count.

If "can't walk" leads to the inability to move about society unhindered and unremarkably, which it does, it is a privileged/other issue.
Is "on fire" a privileged/other issue?

I mean, clearly it leads to limitations in what you can do, and most people take it for granted that they do not have these limitations.

I'm pretty sure there's a reason for which "on fire" is not a privilege/other thing, but "hermaphrodite" is. But I can't articulate the distinction.
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