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Well, I have been as clear as I can. Would a real life example help?

I can guarantee that the following would be true if I walked out of the house right now (no preparation required) with the goal of buying a T-Shirt:

I can get the store easily and with no fuss in my own car that has gas in it. I can park anywhere in the lot and get out of the car and into the store comfortably without assistance and without obstacles thwarting my progress. I can walk right to the ladies clothing department without arousing curiosity, revulsion, surprise or suspicion in anyone I pass. I can find my size right on the rack. I can access the fitting room without trouble of any kind. I can communicate with the personnel and be understood. I can handle the monetary transaction required for purchasing with ease. I can then bring my purchase home and put it on myself.

Every single sentence in the above represents some level of privilege. If one of those failed to be guaranteed (ie: couldn't be taken for granted), that would indicate an area that I don't enjoy privilege which indicates that there are many categories of other/~not other.
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