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Okay, thinking about this more.

I'm in MN. We have a very noticeable racial bias in this state. So a white guy has some of those "white privilege" things going -- say, he can walk down the street at night in a small town and the cops won't try to stop him or interrogate him, where they might well stop a black guy in case he is Dealing Drugs. (They do that, you know. Well-known fact.)

That's white privilege.

But this, apparently, applies only for members of the culture. So if a Swedish tourist walks down the street at night, he's not enjoying white privilege, and if a Somali tourist walks down the street at night and gets hassled, it's somehow different?

But that makes no sense.

Obviously, "identified-as-foreign" is a kind of Other. At least, it certainly seems like it would count; most places have very significant differences in how they treat natives and foreigners. But it seems to me that, in cases where it is not known whether someone is foreign or not, they can fall into existing local privilege/other categorizations based on appearance.
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