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So let's say we start with "colonization". And then the folks who were doing that sort of abandon power, but they leave a local expectation that one color of people get preferential treatment. Does that count?

I guess I'm not understanding the distinction, or why it changes whether or not something is an example of "privilege". I've just been told that if I can expect that the cops won't harass me because of my skin color, that's privilege... here. If I were somewhere else, it wouldn't be anymore.

Keep in mind, there are native-born native speakers of Chinese who are white, and they also enjoy this same privilege. There's a set of Cultural Revolution memoirs from a Chinese guy whose fellow inmates slipped him extra food because he had blue eyes, and as such they thought he might live to tell the tale...

I am not able to perceive a clear line between "part of a culture" and "just visiting". Are Chinese tourists part of our culture? How about Chinese people who are here on a year-long sabbatical or exchange student program? How about if they're here for a full 4-year degree? What if they get a green card?

Clearly, at some point, they've become part of the culture, but I don't see a clear line, and I'm not sure one exists.
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