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Scattered commentary from my time on the planet...
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    It begins...

    Sweet. I thought EAOS looked more interesting, so maybe I will take it instead. Need to talk to some people during course approval.
    Posted 11-20-2007 at 12:31 AM by fragment fragment is offline
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    It begins...

    Oh, and paleo-ecology? EAOS is a useful paper for that, apparently. Don't worry - they'll tell you that in 2nd year Plant Ecology, when the palaeobotanists come to talk to you. Of course, if you're a botany major, by then it's too damn late, and EAOS is off the schedule. Naturally!

    But it's not required, it's apparently just a useful paper.
    Posted 11-19-2007 at 05:33 AM by Octavia Octavia is offline
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    It begins...

    FYI: Prerequisites don't mean shit here. I've done two of the three third year climatology papers, and I never did Geog 101. I just bowled up on course approval day, cornered the lecturer, and explained why I wanted to do his course. Both times, with two different lecturers, there was no problem.

    Don't take this as gospel - they may get uptight in future and not do the same thing, but I can't see why. I passed, dammit!

    And I wanted to do the EAOS paper, but it's bloody hard to do in 2nd/3rd year if you're doing botany papers. (Heads up: botany clashed with everything. Always. But after talking to the HOD, he tweaked my major requirements so I could swap papers for botany major requirements in order to take the interesting papers in other departments.)
    Posted 11-19-2007 at 05:31 AM by Octavia Octavia is offline
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    It begins...

    Go fragment! There is something so very satisfying about studying again. Expanding your brain and horizons.
    Posted 11-14-2007 at 11:46 AM by Deadlokd Deadlokd is offline
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    livius drusus's Avatar

    On the blogroll...

    Thank you for the link, fraggles. It's a little hard for me to grok still, but I've bookmarked it for regular reading. :thankee:
    Posted 11-14-2007 at 02:31 AM by livius drusus livius drusus is offline
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    It begins...

    Nah, first time round I sorta drifted into a Bachelor of Arts majoring in philosophy. I enjoyed some of it, but never had much commitment to the subject or what I could do with it, and one particular required paper was the kiss of death.
    Posted 11-06-2007 at 04:35 AM by fragment fragment is offline
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    It begins...

    Cool fragment! That looks like an interesting course load. Were you studying the same subject matter the first time through?
    Posted 11-06-2007 at 02:28 AM by Crumb Crumb is offline

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