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Old 01-31-2017, 08:11 PM
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Default Forum software question SQL server error?

This is nothing wrong with this site, however another site I am on I keep getting this message which tells to contact the site to let them know but I cannot enter the site?

This has happened before and I never questioned it but I noticed it does not happen to everyone because there has been activity on the site while I am shut down.

Can anyone explain what is happening?
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mickthinks (01-31-2017)
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Default Re: Forum software question SQL server error?

Underneath the forum is a database that has all of the forum information in it. SQL is the way that the information is retrieved from the database on demand. Occasionally, the database shits the bed for one reason or another; it could be too many connections, or a problem with some additional software installed, or an upgrade, or routine maintenance. If you can get in but other people can't, it might be too many connections. There are ways that the parameters can be adjusted on the server side but you have to have admin privileges to do that - that's why it tells you to contact the site administrators.
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JoeP (02-01-2017), Pyrrho (02-11-2017), viscousmemories (02-02-2017)
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Default Re: Forum software question SQL server error?

More or less there's a big set of tables behind the site which contain everyone's posts and threads. The software has to connect with these tables to read and add posts, and does so using a language called SQL. When it can't, no forum. The software is functioning but can't get the data it needs to show posts. This can be from overload or the tables being completely offline for some reason.
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Old 02-11-2017, 11:50 PM
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Default Re: Forum software question SQL server error?

I suppose these are IKEA tables? That could explain it.
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