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Originally Posted by erimir View Post
Well looks like the final vote will probably match the cloture vote, unless Avenatti actually has some evidence and a plan better than "get my face on TV".

Avenatti is a pretty good example of how proclaiming that Democrats need to be "fighters" and substitute passion for an actual plan doesn't actually do anything. What did Avenatti get for Democrats? Nothing except create a GOP talking point about a porn lawyer with uncorroborated allegations. Would've been better off with just Ford and Ramirez, or at minimum with Swetnick having a different lawyer.
To clarify, I don't think Avenatti made much of a difference in general. A talking point is just a talking point. Collins would've just said slightly different bullshit if not for Avenatti.

But he certainly didn't make Kavanaugh's confirmation any harder.

Anyway, Democrats should definitely continue investigating Kavanaugh when they get the House (and/or Senate).

I've heard there have been allegations of sexual harassment against Thomas from while he was on the Supreme Court as well. They should investigate that too.

The misogyny of the GOP shouldn't be allowed to be a quiet secret. The misogyny underlying their attack on reproductive rights when they overturn Roe v. Wade should be explicit.

(And Democrats should toss any abusers on their side under the bus too. Getting rid of Franken was the right move, and Ted Kennedy's shitty behavior, and not just Chappaquiddick, should not be excused.)
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