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The parameters of the investigation into Kavanaugh have been lifted. Dr Silverman at Balloon Juice has a solid overview of why this happened, what it means, and how to interpret the FBI’s actions. Given that his background is in the intelligence services, he’s not talking out of his ass here.

the FBI does not want to be left holding the bag on this! Regardless of the actual partisan political registrations/affiliations and/or ideological preferences of the leadership at the FBI, right now the FBI is hoping that the Democrats take at least the House, if not also the Senate, in the midterm elections next month. They are hoping this happens so that they can get some institutional top cover from Congress to both remove and check the political pressure that the President and his surrogates in Congress have been placing on the FBI because of Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation. The last thing the FBI’s leadership wants right now is to replace angry, conspiratorial Republicans running the House and/or the Senate with angry Democrats that are going to shred them over a White House and Senate majority GOP leadership constrained and therefore botched background investigation into Judge Kavanaugh. That’s why there were repeated leaks about this over the weekend. As I’ve written here repeatedly: the US Intelligence Community will leak when it is in its strategic interest to do so. These leaks were in the FBI’s strategic interest and they accomplished the objective. They got the constraints on the scope removed.
As usual with his posts, it’s worth reading the whole thing. This isn’t quite the Darkest Timeline. On a scale of 0 to 10, with 10 being the darkest, we’re at about an 8. It might be the Bad Place though.
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